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o’neal mx, 40 years

Posted in advertising, collection, inspiration, menswear, outdoors, sportswear, styling by benperdue on 14/08/2010

80s and 90s motocross styling is amazing. This is all from the latest O’Neal catalogue, celebrating 40 yrs in the sport.

margaret howell, fall/winter 2010 campaign

Posted in advertising, collection, designer, inspiration, menswear, womenswear by benperdue on 04/08/2010

Nice almost Orwellian mood for the new Margaret Howell campaign, styled and photographed by Venetia Scott.

giorgio armani, autumn/winter 2010 campaign

Posted in advertising, collection, designer, menswear by benperdue on 31/07/2010

Everything tells me I should hate this Mert & Marcus image but I can’t. I even like the new 80s-inspired Frames of Life range of specs that Giorgio Armani have just released too. Don’t know what’s happening to me.

missoni autumn/winter 2010/11, kenneth anger

Posted in advertising, art, collection, designer, film by benperdue on 31/07/2010

Designer/artist collaborations aren’t new but they feel more popular than ever at the moment. Latest example is this psychodrama campaign for Missoni shot by legendary filmmaker Kenneth Anger, featuring footage of the Missoni family layered over a psychedelic backdrop to create a surrealist lookbook. This focus on more sophisticated fantasy in fashion marketing seems to be gathering pace too (see today’s Prada post below) .

torbjørn rødland, nudists 1999

Posted in advertising, footwear, inspiration, outdoors, photography by benperdue on 31/07/2010

Bought a pair of proper trainers yesterday for the first time in years. Thought these photos of Norwegian nudists by Torbjørn Rødland would make good trainer ads. Naked man playing with kittens could sell anything.

katherine hamnett campaign 1997, juergen teller

Posted in advertising, denim, designer, inspiration, menswear, photography, womenswear by benperdue on 27/07/2010

In 1996 I had the best pair of fine gauge cords ever that I bought from Limeys in Sheffield. Treated myself to those and an Armani Jeans V-neck knit too courtesy of the SLC. They finally bought it on holiday in Ibiza after the crotch split so badly that no amount not-so-invisible mending was going to bring them back. These old ads shot by Juergen Teller reminded me of those cords.

comme des garçons, found advertising

Posted in advertising, designer, inspiration, photography, styling, vintage by benperdue on 18/07/2010

Props go to Hologram City for actually finding them in the first place, I’ve just ripped these straight from their blog (which I look at too much). Haven’t done my research to work out what year they are yet. I think Comme adverts can be a bit hit and miss but the recent scrunched up magazine page-style campaign was genius too.