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see you all, koudlam

Posted in hero, inspiration, music by benperdue on 06/12/2010

Getting hyped by Hanna Hanra at The Beat and with good reason. This is the same Frenchman that did the music for Kenneth Anger’s film for Missoni earlier this year. Scares me in a Gaspar Noé way.

killing of a flashboy, suede

Posted in hero, inspiration, music, Uncategorized, video by benperdue on 06/11/2010

Could totally be in this video, just need to brave a return to my circa 94 ponytail… This feels well Shane Meadows thinking about it – like the end of Dead Man’s Shoes. AKA brutal.

darkstar, barbican 23rd october

Posted in inspiration, music by benperdue on 24/10/2010

Didn’t think they would be so heavy live but the bass was causing some people near the speaker stacks some trouble! These New Puritans headlined, playing Hidden with the Britten Sinfonia and that was properly amazing too.

my bloody valentine, you made me realise

Posted in inspiration, music by benperdue on 22/08/2010

Man upstairs is doing my head in with weird drug factory/bomb making/DIY noises again and I can’t concentrate. If I’m going to be distracted, it might as well be listening to this.

the entrance band vs. nicolas provost

Posted in art, inspiration, music, video by benperdue on 08/08/2010

Monochrome, symmetry, and mirrors in the music video for Grim Reaper Blues by The Entrance Band, and Papillon d’Amour, a film by artist Nicolas Provost.

night & day, chief

Posted in inspiration, menswear, music, video by benperdue on 22/07/2010

This is from their Modern Rituals album which is out on August 20.  15-yr-old me would have found it hilarious that they chose the name Chief for their band; just one of the many differences between growing up in Watford and Los Angeles. These guys are rock enigmas to a man.  And I like what she’s done with her hair.

julian casablancas by kenneth capello, palm springs

Posted in hero, inspiration, menswear, music, styling by benperdue on 03/07/2010

Should be wrong on a load of levels but isn’t. Pitching somewhere between Snake Plissken, Joshua Tree, and Cyber Dog. Reckon half this look can be sourced at B&Q too. Photos by Kenneth Capello