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elbow beach, bermuda

Posted in inspiration, outdoors, photography, travel by benperdue on 28/08/2010

Had just about the best day ever sat on Elbow Beach. Cranking up the rays before hurricane Danielle hits.

sad happy, wet weekend with the hells angels

Posted in denim, film, inspiration, leather, menswear, outdoors, tattoo by benperdue on 18/08/2010

Words can’t describe how good this ’73 BBC documentary about the British Hells Angel charter is. A quick excerpt: “Carl, jailed once, remanded twice; cross-eyed ever since his eyes were knocked out of their sockets in a fight.” The denim and leather uniforms are obviously beyond amazing, but check out that A Clockwork Orange soundtrack, and the casual suburban terrorism too. Watch it all here.

o’neal mx, 40 years

Posted in advertising, collection, inspiration, menswear, outdoors, sportswear, styling by benperdue on 14/08/2010

80s and 90s motocross styling is amazing. This is all from the latest O’Neal catalogue, celebrating 40 yrs in the sport.

torbjørn rødland, nudists 1999

Posted in advertising, footwear, inspiration, outdoors, photography by benperdue on 31/07/2010

Bought a pair of proper trainers yesterday for the first time in years. Thought these photos of Norwegian nudists by Torbjørn Rødland would make good trainer ads. Naked man playing with kittens could sell anything.