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young british naturists, laura pannack

Posted in inspiration, photography, travel by benperdue on 22/12/2010

Love these pictures of Britain’s growing legions of young nudists by photographer Laura Pannack. Naturism isn’t so sexy – it’s a miserable summer holiday just minus the clothes.

flowers/smoke, more things from around

Posted in art, blog, inspiration, magazine, photography by benperdue on 10/12/2010

Floral styling by Matthew Josephs; Luna T-shirt by Mother of Pearl, and Flora Vanitas by Simon Costin from the SHOWstudio shop; Edita Vilkeviciute shot by Alastair McKimm for Muse on Fashion Gone Rogue and some good old fashioned smoke flares deployed yesterday in London.

dog fights/orgies, some things i liked today

Posted in furniture, inspiration, photography, tattoo by benperdue on 08/12/2010

Some kind of hall of mirrors naked musical experiment photographed by Eliot Lee Hazel, amazing work by tattooer Xed LeHead shot by my mate/colleague Maxime Buechi, and a sideboard that should be in my flat from Ruckercorp in New York.

cheap trick, nice shelves

Posted in blog, inspiration, photography, travel by benperdue on 01/12/2010

Missing the point entirely but I really want some shelves like those. Probably get them dead easily if I lived in Berlin. Bet their version of Homebase is well good. Images from The Cheap Trick.

cole mohr, after james long

Posted in catwalk, designer, inspiration, menswear, photography by benperdue on 03/10/2010

Photo by street style legend Mr Hartnett of Cole Mohr after walking in the James Long show at LFW. His hair was sprayed up to match the prints in the collection. I guess the fact it matches his DIY jewellery is a happy accident.

gosha rubchinskiy, pleasant associates

Posted in designer, exhibition, menswear, photography by benperdue on 19/09/2010

Photography exhibition by young Russian menswear designer to watch Gosha Rubchinskiy at the new Pleasant Associates gallery in Clerkenwell until 13 October. You can see a quick interview I did with him for POP – with a little help from Anna Dyulgerova on the language front – on their blog here.

elbow beach, bermuda

Posted in inspiration, outdoors, photography, travel by benperdue on 28/08/2010

Had just about the best day ever sat on Elbow Beach. Cranking up the rays before hurricane Danielle hits.

(almost) daily photography by maxime büchi

Posted in blog, friends, inspiration, photography by benperdue on 09/08/2010

My old friend Max just started an amazing tumblr for his photography: (almost) daily photography by maxime büchi

pigment shades, saturated summer colour

Posted in colour, inspiration, menswear, photography by benperdue on 07/08/2010

These images have no real business being together other than the fact I love the moody blues and purples in that colourama, and the hat and tie-dye. Top image is Gary Oldman in a straight rip from Haw-lin, second is from the annual National Rainbow Gathering in Santa Fe National Park, shot by Kitra Cahana.

torbjørn rødland, nudists 1999

Posted in advertising, footwear, inspiration, outdoors, photography by benperdue on 31/07/2010

Bought a pair of proper trainers yesterday for the first time in years. Thought these photos of Norwegian nudists by Torbjørn Rødland would make good trainer ads. Naked man playing with kittens could sell anything.