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the next weird, 032c

Posted in collection, designer, inspiration, menswear, science fiction, work by benperdue on 13/12/2010

Our full feature from the latest 032c Magazine now available online. Includes video and everything. See it all here.

la jetée, chris marker 1962

Posted in art, film, inspiration, photography, science fiction by benperdue on 06/07/2010

This film was the inspiration for 12 Monkeys. It’s set under a post-WW3 Paris, is only half an hour long, and is told in a series of photographic stills rather than moving images. Without spoiling it, the story is about time travel, love, imagination, and war. It also has a vicious twist that explains where Gilliam got his idea from. My favourite bit by far though has to be the visit to a natural history museum halfway through. The way the b+w film picks out the texture of the animals and her hand-knitted sweater is beautiful.