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o’neal mx, 40 years

Posted in advertising, collection, inspiration, menswear, outdoors, sportswear, styling by benperdue on 14/08/2010

80s and 90s motocross styling is amazing. This is all from the latest O’Neal catalogue, celebrating 40 yrs in the sport.

i won’t sit still, dazed & confused may 2003

Posted in inspiration, magazine, menswear, sportswear, styling by benperdue on 03/08/2010

Always loved this shoot because it made sportswear feel subversive and dark, with typically toyish Formichetti styling touches like the harlequin masks just adding to the off-kilter feel. Kim Jones art directed this too and you can really see his influence in the body painting. I remember when he did a T-shirt collaboration with Topman the same year and I went down to Oxford Circus pretty much every day for a month asking the staff when they would be on sale. They featured twisted Alice in Wonderland cartoon graphics, like the Kim Jones tops you could buy in Pineal Eye but at a third of the cost. Rest of the shoot is here.

karen elson by aexei hay, dutch 37 january/february 2002

Posted in inspiration, magazine, sportswear, styling, womenswear by benperdue on 04/07/2010

Hard to make skulls look new but XXXL sizing and a pair of scissors give the 90s extreme sports look some new legs.

self service fall/winter 2007

Posted in denim, magazine, sportswear, styling, womenswear by benperdue on 07/06/2010

My favourite editorial at the moment; sheepskin, dad denim and 90s sportswear. Even some lary motocross gear sneaking its way in there. Wore my old Burberry sheepskin into June but when the temperature started creeping over 20 °C the game was up. Nothing to stop me wearing it at night though. With shorts. Lovejoy.