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vintage books, sci-fi and trash

Posted in book, inspiration, vintage by benperdue on 29/11/2010

Taking up too much space on my desk – some recent finds from around about. Couple were picked up at Luminous Books down Dalston way, well worth a visit, only open Saturday afternoons.

shirt & jacket envy, the ones2watch

Posted in denim, inspiration, styling, vintage, womenswear by benperdue on 22/11/2010

Old favourites, lived in, well loved, what do you call it, etc. If you found that vintage jacket and old Levi’s shirt on a shopping excursion next stop would be Costcutter for a scratch card. Seen at The Ones2Watch.

comme des garçons, found advertising

Posted in advertising, designer, inspiration, photography, styling, vintage by benperdue on 18/07/2010

Props go to Hologram City for actually finding them in the first place, I’ve just ripped these straight from their blog (which I look at too much). Haven’t done my research to work out what year they are yet. I think Comme adverts can be a bit hit and miss but the recent scrunched up magazine page-style campaign was genius too.

the 80*81 book collection: what happened?

Posted in art, blog, inspiration, vintage by benperdue on 11/07/2010

This project is a collaboration between writer George Diaz and film director Christopher Roth, who are trying to show how 1980 and 1981 changed the world by researching the people, places and parties that were behind cultural shifts at the time. They have a great found photo blog too at 80*81. All images lifted from there.