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dog fights/orgies, some things i liked today

Posted in furniture, inspiration, photography, tattoo by benperdue on 08/12/2010

Some kind of hall of mirrors naked musical experiment photographed by Eliot Lee Hazel, amazing work by tattooer Xed LeHead shot by my mate/colleague Maxime Buechi, and a sideboard that should be in my flat from Ruckercorp in New York.

see you all, koudlam

Posted in hero, inspiration, music by benperdue on 06/12/2010

Getting hyped by Hanna Hanra at The Beat and with good reason. This is the same Frenchman that did the music for Kenneth Anger’s film for Missoni earlier this year. Scares me in a Gaspar Noé way.

daria werbowy, vogue paris 2011 calendar

Posted in inspiration, magazine, model, womenswear by benperdue on 02/12/2010

Haven’t missed a Vogue Paris calendar for years, not about to let this one slip the net. Placing orders with anyone doing their xmas booze cruising. See all the Daria images here.

cheap trick, nice shelves

Posted in blog, inspiration, photography, travel by benperdue on 01/12/2010

Missing the point entirely but I really want some shelves like those. Probably get them dead easily if I lived in Berlin. Bet their version of Homebase is well good. Images from The Cheap Trick.

mystery blonde vs. andrej pejic

Posted in colour, hair, inspiration, model by benperdue on 29/11/2010

Still love a bleached barnet and it holds up well against the onslaught of ombre. Don’t have a credit for the girl but she looks spookily like a certain someone I know who has an auburn thing going on. Andrej comes as no surprise – taken from the latest Arena Homme+.

tomek szczukiecki, zoo

Posted in designer, knitwear, menswear by benperdue on 29/11/2010

They had an amazing knit just like this in COS when I was in there last week. Great if you’re a size XL – sold out in everything else. Could have done with it today in London. Brass monkeys!

vintage books, sci-fi and trash

Posted in book, inspiration, vintage by benperdue on 29/11/2010

Taking up too much space on my desk – some recent finds from around about. Couple were picked up at Luminous Books down Dalston way, well worth a visit, only open Saturday afternoons.

thom browne interview, wonderland november/december 2010

Posted in designer, magazine, menswear, work by benperdue on 24/11/2010

Interview for the latest Wonderland that I did over the phone with Thom Browne in Paris. He was super nice and professional. Probably more than could be said for me.

the next weird, 032c autumn/winter 2010/11

Posted in friends, magazine, work by benperdue on 23/11/2010

Fashion futurism piece I wrote together with my friend Cher Potter in the new 032c. Looking forward to pulling some ideas together for spring/summer. Such a nice magazine to work for.

andrej pejic, candy #2

Posted in inspiration, magazine, menswear, model, styling by benperdue on 22/11/2010

Flesh tone surgical supports-cum-shapewear can be hard to pull off. No pun intended. More Andrej bromance in the new issue of Candy.